Capriccio Videographer

Capriccio Videographer

The following is work I made for another italian restaurant a few years ago with an overview of the place as well as a personal video with one of the Chef's, Fabio.

For Capriccio we would explore your restaraunt and key features you would like to showcase, as well as getting to know your history and process that turns into an experience we can present to potential customers. My production quality has since increased with the upgrade of my camera equipment; using the 4K mirrorless camera, Panasonic GH5. The GH5 has in body stabilization for smooth slow motion shots you would like to have but can also be enhanced further with hire of the Zhiyun Crane 2. 

Please see below the two videos I previously made, as well as sample footage of the Panasonic GH5.


A 2 minute video showcasing Ecco Pizzeria in Leeds, UK. From the dining set up to the process of preparing the pizza, showing off the wood burning top and attention to detail. 


Chef Walkthrough

A more personal walk through video with Ecco Pizzeria's own Chef, Fabio. Going through the steps it takes to make their signature pizza and what choices Fabio makes and why he has such as passion for what he does.

Sample Footage

A test video with the Panasonic GH5